Traditional Furniture Industry in the Middle of Machinery Era Technology

Traditional Furniture Industry in the Middle of Machinery Era Technology
Abandoned wood cutting machine in Jepara Indonesia
Nowadays, people purchase all things from China, electronic, consumer goods, kid toys and also furniture are imported from China. The impact of the product invasion from China has been shifting the domestic furniture industry, not only in Indonesia but also in some Asian countries.

China has technology, productivity and infrastructure that enabling them to bulk manufactured an extremely low price and satisfactory quality products. This is the reason China can export furniture, synthetic wicker and other products relatively cheaper than other country.

We have to be wise to choose what a right product for us since often low-cost mass products are made of artificial material from nasty chemicals which may contain hazardous substances. Low-cost machine made products tend to be use plastics or other synthetics material for the product that are made mainly from chemical substances.

Machine-made furniture usually constructed under tight quality control process to ensure the precision measurement. They are all identical each other to fulfill the standard quality of the items, but this can lose their emotional value due to the fact they are no longer distinctive to the owner who bought them.

Traditional handmade furniture or semi machine furniture usually equals to work and employment. They depend on the skills and capabilities of the artisan. Most furniture industry in Jepara Indonesia still done traditionally, machinery touch is used only for specific works such as cutting, mortise tenon and smoothing process. The skill of the craftsman plays importance role on the manufacturing of the product. The same product will be unique and not identical each other.

Finally, the most importance thing is teak furniture product from Jepara uses legal timber from Indonesian state forestry company and other eco-friendly sources to participate save the earth from global warming.